Malaysian And Indonesian Forces Committed To Wipe Out Fight Terrorism At Border

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Kuala Lumpur ( Berita ) :  The Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) and the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) will join forces to make a success of the Malindo Darsasa Exercise to wipe out terrorism at the border between the two countries.

The exercise that involves all three services of the two forces is part of the continous training and cooperation of the two nations to dispel the threat of terrorism.

Malaysian Armed Forces chief, azizan Ariffin, the joint training that is expected to be in April next year will produce a diplomatic platform from the military aspect.

He said the strong ties between both the forces had very much helped in strengthening the bilateral ties between the two countries in preparation towards facing various threats to the countries’ security.

“The plan to have the joint training will be forwarded to the General Border Committee (GBC) early next month or in January when the defence ministers of both countries meet,” Azizan told reporters after attending the 7th session of the High Level Committee Malaysia-Indonesia here Friday.

The exercise this time not only puts emphasis on war operations but for the first time also focuses on the aspect of fighting terrorism on land and in the air and water,” he added.

Azizan said according to plan, Malaysia will be the host for the exercise that is expected to be held around the Straits of Malacca.

Meanwhile, TNI chief Jenderal Joko Santoso said the ties of the two countries were strong in any situation and the military ties between ATM and TNI helped to ease bilateral problems.

“I do not dispute that sometimes there are problems between the two countries but the cooperation forged brings many benefits and we desire to give attention to cooperation rather than to negative matters that can lead to disharmony,” he said.

He said the joint training can enhance cooperation and military operations capabilities and open up opportunities for confidence building. “Both countries cooperate a lot in operations, training, education and in socio-economic matters. There is no other optimum cooperation like that between Malaysia and Indonesia,” katanya. ( ant/bernama )