Shooting In PT Freeport Area No OPM’s Doing

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Timika ( Berita ) :  Former Banti village head in Tembagapura district, Fedelis Songgonau, pointed out the shooting which took place in the area of PT.Freeport was not the doing of members of the Free Papua Movement (OPM) because it was different in style.

“OPM’s style is basically guerrilla warfare, hit and run,  rather than staying put for attacks,” Fedelis Songgonau stressed in a meeting held by the Mimika legislative assembly (DPRD) in Timika Friday night.

The meeting, which discussed the security situation in Timika was presided over by Mimika DPRD chairman Yopie Kilangin, and attended by Mimika regency administration officials and local public and religious figures.

Besides, Fidelis pointed out, the mile-50 area was not so good for attacks, it is too steep, and an attack launched there could mean suicide.

Fedelis on the occasion also hoped the Mimika regional administration would accept the responsibility for what had happened, and for the thousands of gold prospectors who cannot carry out any activity because of the official ban on prospecting in certain areas.

Without the assistance of the local administration, these people could be posing a new problem, Fedelis Songgonau said.

In the meantime, Mimika police chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner G.Mansnembra said on the occasion that the entire case which occurred in the area of PT.Freeport is being handled by the Papua regional police, while Mimika police is merely extending a helping hand. “We are only authorized to secure Timika and environs,” Police Resort Chief Mansnembra said. Right now seven people had been declared suspects in the mile-51 shooting, and the rest was allowed to go home for lack of evidence. ( ant )